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Is your Dream Home a passive house??

What exactly is a Passive House?

A passive home in Canada uses up to 85% less energy in heating over conventional building standards. A passive house is economically viable because it adapts conventional construction – materials and technologies to reduce energy needs. The quality of the interior space is improved with careful ventilation and day-lighting.

What exactly is a Passive House? By adapting conventional materials and techniques, (which adds between 5 to 10% to construction costs), an energy efficient envelope gathers and holds heat from passive sources, primarily solar. A conventional heating system is not needed in a passive house which reduces construction costs. Your passive home will minimize heat loss by optimizing the thermal performance of the building envelope.

The benefits to you will be many….included are:

*Reduced energy costs by 85%

*Reduces CO2 emissions 65%

*No limits to design or architecture

*Fewer mechanical systems that are simpler to operate and easier to maintain

*A well insulated house adds the benefit of sound proofing both inside and from the exterior

*No drafts in the house provide superior indoor comfort

*High quality ventilation equipment provides constant fresh air in your home

*Independent 3rd party certification ensures quality of construction and future value

You may be eligible for a rebate if you upgrade your existing home to its maximum energy efficient levels.

This very innovative building concept has become noticed worldwide and has taken a strong hold in Canada, particularly in Western Canada. The following websites are but a few to give you information of this rapidly growing and cost effective building concept. /

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